Unit 2 – Chapter 3: Part 3

Old Navy: http://www.globalexchange.org/corporateHRviolators#Gap Inc.

Criminal Offenses –

  1. Refusal to sign “Accord of Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh”

Punishments Faced:

  1. Fined

How They Act Today – Old Navy still is yet to sign the “Fire Safety Accord” agreement.

Chevron: http://www.csrwire.com/press_releases/38590-In-2016-Chevron-Faces-Potential-Litigation-Catastrophe-Over-Ecuador-Pollution-Liability


Criminal Offenses –

  1. Violations of Clean Water Act
  2. Reduced waste-water discharges
  3. Violations of Toxic Substances Control Act
  4. Misdemeanor criminal violations of California law
  5. Violations of Clean Air Act through sulfur dioxide emissions
  6. Bypassing a wastewater treatment system that resulted in toxic releases
  7. Contamination of ground water in California by the carcinogenic gasoline additive MTBE
  8. Environmental damage caused by leaks in pipes used to transport oil
  9. Excessive airborne emissions
  10. Civil charges for a spill of more than 100,000 gallons

Punishments Faced:

  1. Fined $1.5 million
  2. Fined $1 million
  3. Fined $500,000
  4. Fined $17 million
  5. Fined $700,000
  6. Fined $1.1 million
  7. Fined $540,000
  8. Fined $7 million
  9. Fined $750,000
  10. Fined $422 million
  11. Sued

How They Act Today – Most recently, Chevron faces a potential litigation catastrophe over its $10 billion “Amazon Chernobyl” pollution liability. CEO John Watson over the past few years has failed to derail the case despite an estimated $2 billion in costs to the company and has created even more severe test for the oil giant in the coming year.


Reasons Your Students Should Blog

x  Students should blog because it is a new take on typical school work that is more interesting to participate in. It is an environment with many others who are all interested in the same things as you are. It’s a good way to gain knowledge or advice from different perspectives. Students having a place to share their voice is very important. This article is all about how blogging has nothing but a good impact which I believe is true. It gives us students a chance to have freedom in what we post about and what we choose to share. Blogging gives us a whole other outlet to write on and express our thoughts about anything we choose. With all this technology evolving, blogging is a good thing that came out of it.  x



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x  My name is Jordan and I am in grade 9. I am taking business because it is something I might want to go into post-secondary. Gaining this knowledge about business and being introduced to what it is about is very beneficial for many careers. I hope to accomplish this semester a better understanding of all things business related and to learn something.  x