Smart Contact Lens // Future Technology Part 2

x  Smart Contact Lens are prescription contact lens that when in your eyes, your able to connect with the internet and change the look of your surrounding. Google is teaming up with Novartis to create this. Some of the things it does are monitor blood-sugar levels and corrects vision in a new way. It is designed to monitor body functions. This invention is a part of a growing number of wearable technology and software products used to track health and fitness. The lenses contain a tiny sensor that relays data on glucose contained in tears via an equally tiny antenna. This new form of technology is yet to announce a release date. They hope to have a prototype available for research and development reviews by early 2015.  x

Novartis and Google to Work on Smart Contact Lenses

Future Technology

x  In future technology, I am looking forward to using Glass Walls by Corning. Having the ability to pull up all this information by the touch of a finger on a huge screen would be great to have. I feel it would be really useful at work, to efficiently search things. Three types of computer technology that inspire me would be robots because that is so interesting how they can move so similar to a human all on their own (without a brain), the smart cars because having a car be able to drive itself would be amazing. Nothing like that has been done before. Also, smart houses, homes would be so much more efficient and easy to maintain because the house can do things on its own.  x

Computers & Technology

x  Computers and technology. I know that computers and technology is all around us. It is being used by millions of people around the world. A lot of people’s lives are entirely on technology. I personally don’t have much experience with computers. I wish I did though, I think that would be useful to know and interesting to learn. I don’t use computers that much since I have an iPhone. Computers have expanded so much from when I did use computers frequently. I would like to know things like how to back something up or to create a website.  x

About Me

x  I attended Peterson Road Elementary School many years ago. My family consists of myself, my parents, and my brother and sister. My hobbies and interests include playing softball, listening to music, and hanging with my friends. Something interesting about me is my favorite season is fall because of Halloween and the fall fashion.  x